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Introduction - Do you see those attractive Web banner ads, Video campaigns, Mobile apps, Informative blog posts quite often while surfing the net? All these are nothing, but different forms of Digital Marketing! As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, Digital Marketing is a booming career option today. With striking features such as cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Especially, the start-ups prefer going digital to market their brand, products and services. Today ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Marketing’ both are becoming synonymous. Digital marketing is a vast field with a variety of areas and segments such as Social media, Co Read More...



A career in sports is not as easy as it seems. If you decide that you will practice and perform come what may, only then you should get into this career. There is skepticism about the opportunities that sports can offer. Hence, people tend to give more importance to academic qualifications but the scenario is changing now. The last decade has seen the Indian sports industry expanding its boundaries with the rising popularity of the of various leagues. The success of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has spawned numerous similar league competitions across many sports such as Football, Hockey, Kabbadi, Golf, Badminton, Tennis, mixed Martial Arts, Cycling, Wrestling and so on. These leagues have presented new investors, more spectators, and higher revenues. This, in turn, has unlocked career o Read More...

9 in demand careers for EXTROVERTS


Outgoing, Vibrant, Full of Life & Energy, Cheerful, Friendly, Talkative! Can you relate to these words? Do your friends tag you as the life of the party and you are pepped up most of the time? Sitting in one place makes you uncomfortable and you constantly try to be around people? If your answer is yes, you are an Extrovert! 4 out of 10 professionals struggle at their job if their personality is not in sync with their job roles. Either they are not happy with the work they do, or gradually the work becomes monotonous and boring. To make you understand better, here is a list of traits and preferences displayed by extroverts at work : What does an extrovert prefer at work? A profession that gives the flexibility to express themselves. Extroverts avoid sitting at their laptop all the Read More...



Introduction- The Indian fashion industry is moving up the fashion value chain and witnessing the expansion of domestic and global fashion brands. It is one of the most dynamic, challenging and fastest growing sectors in India as well as globally. A large number of leading global fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Espirit, Gucci, Nautica, Christian Dior, Chanel, FCUK, etc are already in India, while many others are planning to enter the dynamic market here soon. With the rapid expansion of the industry, it is becoming organised and intensely competitive. Fashion or apparel management and its allied fields of work including fashion retail, and fashion merchandising, have become increasingly important today. Fashion Management educates students in fashion marketing, m Read More...

Right To Vote: A Privilege Take For Granted


Psychology as a major subject has garnered attention over the past few years. With new career opportunities emerging in the field of psychology, more students are flocking to universities abroad for a psychology degree at all educational levels. Read More...

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Psychology as a major subject has garnered attention over the past few years. With new career opportunities emerging in the field of psychology, more students are flocking to universities abroad for a psychology degree at all educational levels. Read More...

9 Top Courses In Commerce After 12th


CommerceThe backbone of any business sector in the world! Since the time of globalization, expansion of multinational companies and coming off the start-up trend, the demand for commerce-related jobs have seen a boom. If you are someone who loves numbers with an analytical mind, dreams of opening your own venture one day, "Commerce" stream could be your best friend! To help you sort your confusion regarding the opportunities after Commerce, kindly find below few top courses in Commerce you can pursue after 10+2. Do you know? Before we move on to the list of careers, here is an important fact: During the last five years, the cut-offs for the top universities in the country has seen a sharp rise, which is a clear indication of increasing demand in the industry. You require somewhere aro Read More...

Highest paid careers in the world


I dream of a world where I can buy anything without checking the price tag! Money is one of the most important criteria while you choose a career. High paying careers give us big bucks, making us financially secure. Although, they require the right set of education coupled with expertise and skills. During the article, we will take you through the most highest paying careers in the world. 1-Data Science: Making the right use of the data can make or break the deal. The company can take the right decision and make alterations in the policies only if they understand their data in the right manner. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the data scientist to extract knowledge or insights from large amounts of data. As the work of the data scientist is directly linked to the increased Read More...



Do you update your phone when others are wondering what the update is about? Is Rajiv Makhani your guru and you follow him religiously? Does everyone call you when it comes to buying a new cell phone? If your answer is yes, you have landed on the right page, the following article explores top 9 careers for those who are technology freaks! Before we move to careers, let s understand the scope of technology! TECHNOLOGY - THE NEED OF THE HOUR Today, we can not even imagine a day without technology. The applications that we use to order food online to games you play are all result of technology. We are even using technology like never before and it is estimated that the robots will replace humans by 2050! Moving forward, you can imagine how many jobs will be created in the field of compu Read More...

High Paying Career Options After PCB


About 16 lakh applications for NEET this year for just a few thousand seats! Clearing NEET is a dream for many students in India, but the pass percentage is very low. Even if students clear NEET, getting a good government college is out of reach for many! So what next? Dropping a year? Certainly not! For all the science students with PCB, here are some alternative high- paying courses! High Paying Career Options After PCB 1 - Bioinformatics: Data is utmost important for any field to develop, and Bioinformatics takes care of the same for the medical field! The field develops the algorithms and software to store and analyse the data in the biological domain. Along with Biology, Mathematics and knowledge of Computer Science are preferred for students. Bioinformatics has gained popular Read More...


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