Date :27 Jul, 2018

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In the present times, when there is a strong competition amongst students, the pressure of making it big and achieving their career goals is immense. However, at times, students choose streams and career paths, not on the basis of their aptitude, but on how successful that career would be.

The question is: is this the right thing to do?

One of the recent examples that we have is that of a student in Class XI, who had chosen Science stream. However, after conducting a series of aptitude tests, it was discovered that his aptitude lies towards Commerce. He changed his stream afterwards and now he is a proud student of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

The answer, therefore, is no.

Career Planning is an essential component that we miss usually out on. Planning the right career path through a rational understanding of your own self is of vital importance. Here is where the idea of career counselling comes into the picture.

Career counselling essentially helps students plan their careers effectively in a scientific and methodical manner in order to succeed in their chosen professional arenas.

Why Career Counselling?

Now-a-days, there are numerous information sources out there.  We listen to them all day and night through our phones, TV, media, newspapers and magazines. The result, jumbled ideas that lead nowhere and do nothing to help young adults decide what they ought to do. Students, therefore, are in dire need of career counselling. This allows them to make an informed career decision as per their calibre, aptitude and interests.

Career counselling can benefit people at all points in their careers, from high school students approaching the next stage in their education to adults returning to the workforce after an absence, or those seeking to change careers mid-life. Career counselling helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses in their academic domain. It is required by all people at all stages, coming from all walks of life.

Not only career choices, career counselling also helps in stress management, time management, enabling leadership skills, etc. One can say that career counselling for all students encompass expertise in psychology and educational domains.



Who Needs Career Counselling and Why?

The context of career counselling varies according to the educational standard of students. For example, career counselling for 10th class students would be essentially different from career counselling in 12th, or for that matter, career counselling after 12th.

Career Counselling for 8th to 9th standard students is required for seeding of career ideas in young minds. It acts as the basis for providing inputs on studying techniques, subject assessment and potential of the student.

Career Counselling for 10th standard students mainly focuses on stream selection for students and preparation for Board exams, which at times becomes a stressful factor for students.

For students in class 11, career counsellors guide them about further career selection. Moreover, career counselling in 12th and 11th standards is also important if the student aspires to study abroad. Essential from the viewpoint of personality development and profile building, study abroad counselling typically begins from the beginning of Class 12.

Career counselling in 12th standard relies on the identifying the perfect career choice, thereby, the right course and college for the student. Furthermore, it identifies the course of action that the student should undertake to achieve his/her career goal.

Career counselling after 12th is the need of the hour for students who need to decide about their careers and higher education goals, along with the right course and college. Mostly students opt for career counselling after 12th is over!

Many-a-times, undergraduates who are not really satisfied with their career paths, also rely on career counselling. Career Counselling for college students also depends on a scientific understanding of their aptitude, abilities and interests, which then account for the right career path or deciding the next step of education that they want to pursue. In addition to this, counselling for college students also focuses on the kind of jobs that they would definitely succeed at, along with personality development.

One such case that we handled was of a girl who had gotten admission in Finance in one of the top notch universities in the country. However, her aptitude and abilities pointed in the creative direction. She dropped out of college and joined a Fashion degree and now, she has established herself in the fashion industry!

Where to Go for Career Counselling?

In Delhi, career counselling has surged up to new heights. However, if you want to go for career counselling in Delhi, at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development, we offer the systematic career counselling using psychological testing and thorough research. After conducting workshops in premier schools such as DPS Sushant Lok; DPS RK Puram; St. Columba’s School, Connaught Place; Modern School, Vasant Vihar; etc., we have established ourselves in the field of career counselling.

With expert psychologists and career guides, Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development understands what is best for you and then guides you accordingly.  Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development also ascertains your abilities, interests, aptitude and personality thorough psychometric testing, which act as deciding factors for you to make the right career choices!

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