The Digital Era!

“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected.” – a depiction of our post-pandemic life! Amidst the pandemic, we got the chance to realise the importance of just ‘one’ click to compass around the world digitally. In all realms of life, we were urged to live through the screens; be it the educational, […]

STUDYCATION – When all else fails, take a vacation!

When all else fails, take a vacation!  There’s no better way than adjusting your location to increase your long term attention and concentration towards learning. Choosing different locations to study and rotating spots hardly bears any effort. Research has also shown that students who study in different locations perform much better in assessments. Therefore, if […]

Make Artificial Intelligence your Friend!

“AI is likely to either be the best or worst invention to happen to humanity” – the said statement by Stephen Hawking portrays that AI is multidimensional. It has a social impact that is perceived differently by opposed communities. Artificial Intelligence is the future and we trust that intellectual keenness to absorb every ounce of […]

DIY 2021 – Craft your stress away!

“Craft your stress away!!” Working on something from scratch can be extremely therapeutic for you. Creativity helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps in making one feel more happy and lively. One can feel energetic simply by easy drawing or doodling. Through creativity one can also express their feelings and thoughts. Be it […]