Career Options after Under Graduate in Finance

Amazing Money, stupendous growth & Jobs all over the world- Welcome to the world of Finance. There are several career options available to individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree in finance. Some popular choices include: Investment Banking: Involves helping companies and governments raise money by issuing and selling securities. Corporate Finance: Involves working for […]

Scored 70 percentile, Best MBA Options

Couldn’t do well in CAT this year? Don’t worry there are many institutions who are ready to accept you not by your fascinating marks but your actual potential and strengths. Here is the list of  Good B-Schools who accept  70 percentile score , They Deliver Decent Placement & overall a good teaching & Learning Experience.  […]

Under 15LAC MBA Colleges In India

Under 15LAC MBA Colleges In India

Planning to do MBA but budget is a problem!! Don’t worry we got you Covered.Fortunately, there are many B-schools across the country which offer an MBA program with various specializations that too with decent fee structure along with an impressive Return on Investment. Here is the list of Good B-Schools in India under 15L with […]


How many options are enough options? But are really enough options enough ? A willing, creative and an active student when given the opportunity to choose from a list of 4300 courses and 532 societies, the feeling is definitely an overwhelming and a satisfactory one. Northwestern University is one such destination in the ocean of […]

Career options for Humanities

“Science is the collection of nature’s answers; the humanities is the collection of men’s thoughts” Social scientists hold an indispensable place in many industries, from government agencies that analyze socio-economic trends to businesses that assess their target demographics.  Social scientists are experts in human behavior, often an insight that data scientists, engineers, and programmers lack. […]

Embarking on colleges- first 100 days of college

“College inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in your life.”                                                                                                        – Lara Oleynik Going to college is that phase of our lives where we can discover ourselves, learn new skills, meet new people, have different experiences and explore new possibilities. College is a place to grow and have fun while growing, […]


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs Design entrance exams usually evaluate candidates’ aptitude for design. These exams are skill-based tests conducted to assess the creativity and problem-solving skills of a candidate.  There are various design entrance exams conducted at the national and university […]


Particularly in higher education, South Korea is renowned for its demanding standards in education. The nation needs a qualified workforce to maintain its growth momentum as a global economic powerhouse. The Korean media and entertainment sector is extremely well-liked worldwide. The spread of South Korean culture, particularly in India, has been aided by K-drama, K-pop, […]

SKILLS FOR 2025-2030

“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth” Skills are the ability and capacity to carry out processes and use one’s knowledge in a responsible way to achieve a goal.   As we move into the Digital Evaluation the skills you need to thrive are changing, as well. The […]