Career Counselling

Aptitude Testing and Career Counselling

For Classes 8th to 10th

Foundation building & exploring interest & subjects; visualizing career options. Effective stream/subjects selection, suitable career options, and profile building.

For Classes 11th to 12th

Effective career planning, institution choices & course selection & profile building (including social work projects, research, AP exams, internships etc.)

For College Students

What after graduation? Institution & job selection, profile planning and development

Study Abroad

Profile analysis, course, country & institutions selection, application process, visa planning

Process of Aptitude Testing and Career Counselling

Initial Counselling

Basic information: liked and disliked subjects, hobbies, reading/ writing, etc Academic background Background of Extra-curricular activities

Psychometric Test

Evaluates students’ Interests, Aptitude and Personality

No prior preparation required

Tests conducted by us:

CIS: Interest test is a paired comparison test; sheds light on individual’s interest profile

DBDA: Interest test is a paired comparison test; sheds light on individual’s interest profile

MAP T: Personality test to understand the student’s personality on the parameters of Adaptability, Academic, Achievement, Boldness, Creativity, etc.

Generation of the Report and Evaluation

Final Counselling

On the basis of your Psychometric tests, you would be guided about stream selection, subject selection, suitable career opportunities, courses available, institutions offering courses, right career path

Why is Aptitude Testing and Career Counselling necessary?

Extensive frame of career choices

Emerging trends of careers of which people are unaware

Misconceptions about various careers

Lack of in-depth knowledge about courses and the scope

Cost of wrong career choice is high

Dynamic scenario of higher education system in India

Confusion with respect to stream selection and career decisions

Points to remember before visiting us

Record of academic qualifications

Record of extra-curricular activities

Preparedness for full disclosure

Mental preparedness for counselling

Prior conversation with parents

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