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Career options for Humanities

“Science is the collection of nature’s answers; the humanities is the collection of men’s thoughts” Social scientists hold an indispensable place in many industries, from government agencies that analyze socio-economic trends to businesses that assess their target demographics.  Social scientists are experts in human behavior, often an insight that data scientists, engineers, and programmers lack. […]

Embarking on colleges- first 100 days of college

“College inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in your life.”                                                                                                        – Lara Oleynik Going to college is that phase of our lives where we can discover ourselves, learn new skills, meet new people, have different experiences and explore new possibilities. College is a place to grow and have fun while growing, […]


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs Design entrance exams usually evaluate candidates’ aptitude for design. These exams are skill-based tests conducted to assess the creativity and problem-solving skills of a candidate.  There are various design entrance exams conducted at the national and university […]

SKILLS FOR 2025-2030

“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth” Skills are the ability and capacity to carry out processes and use one’s knowledge in a responsible way to achieve a goal.   As we move into the Digital Evaluation the skills you need to thrive are changing, as well. The […]

Top cities for education

 “Education is the key to unlocking the world,it is the passport to freedom”                                                                                                         -OPRAH WINFREY Are you looking for the best cities for higher education in India?  You must be confused with diverse options. Aren’t you? Over the past few decades, India has undergone a paradigm shift and has now become the third-largest higher education […]


What is CLAT? The national-level Common Law Admission Test (or CLAT) is conducted by the Consortium of NLUs for admission to 5-year integrated LLB (UG) and one-year LLM (PG) courses offered by 22 participating NLUs.  Apart from the NLUs in india 1. 61 other private affiliate colleges accept CLAT exam scores. 2. Some public organizations […]


Academic excellence and stellar marks no longer guarantee entrance to prestigious overseas  universities. A “holistic” candidate is one who has good marks, has inquiringly investigated their interests through autonomous projects and study, and is sought after by most universities. Through personality development, you can bring out your skills and qualities, become more conscious of who […]

MBA & MIM without GMAT

Today, management positions are appealing to both young aspirants and working professionals. In addition to offering a variety of rewarding and exciting job opportunities, a career in management enables you to take on people-focused positions, executive roles in the workplace, and earn huge remuneration. An MBA programme is one entry point into the business side […]


The procedure for applying to universities overseas is not effortless and involves multiple steps that must be completed concurrently. The application process may vary depending on the nation and university you choose. All university applications are filed through a centralised application service in nations like the UK and Australia. In contrast, you must apply directly […]


The popularity of studying abroad and working abroad is rising quickly. Dreams of global education and exposure have been further fostered by improvements in educational infrastructure and technology. However, selecting a good course in such circumstances becomes even more challenging as the number of courses continually rise across major study abroad destinations. The majority of […]