Frequently Asked Questions


Counselling Sessions

1. What are the different types of counselling sessions offered at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development?

Aptitude Test + Career Counselling: Students are evaluated through scientifically designed psychometric tests that measure their aptitudes and competencies. This is followed by detailed Counselling that seeks to provide students with career options and university destinations in India and abroad.

Comprehensive Career Counselling: These sessions are designed to provide career options and university destinations to students. Instead of relying on aptitude tests, recommendations are made based on student interests and activities, as well as trends in the job market.

Study Abroad Counselling: Study Abroad Counselling is focused on providing insights into education abroad. Students’ interests and aspirations are contrasted with financial and other constraints as well as requirements and opportunities in different countries abroad. This culminates in us offering students different pathways to education abroad.

2. Are you conducting counselling sessions online or offline?

Counselling sessions are conducted both online and offline. Online sessions are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday, and in-office counselling sessions are conducted on Wednesday, and between Friday to Sunday. Please note that these sessions, specifically the ones conducted online, are scheduled for specific time slots and require pre-booking.

You can contact us to schedule a session or book an appointment online.

3. What is the medium for administering psychometric and aptitude tests?

Psychometric and Aptitude tests are administered online. Counselling sessions following these tests can be conducted online or offline- depending on the need and convenience of students and families.

4. If students have more doubts after the session, do they need to book another session?

Subsequent sessions aimed at solving doubts and queries can be booked within 45 days from the date of the initial sessions. After the culmination of 45 days, a revisiting charge is levied.

Profile Building

1. Do students have to come to the office for sessions after enrolling in the Profile Building program?

We generally conduct weekly meetings with students online over a preferred medium of communication. We have also adapted profile-building activities to virtual platforms which allow students to gain professional, academic, and community-service experiences whilst staying safe at home. We also meet families in the office to familiarise them with the process and the team in a safe environment.

2. Is Profile Building only important for the US/ Foreign University Admissions?

No, profile building is an important process that is useful for both admissions abroad and in applying to Indian universities. Not only are profiles key to admissions in top global universities in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia but leading universities in India like IIM Indore and Ashoka also scrutinize profiles in the process of granting admissions.

As more students are securing higher scores, Indian universities are using profile scrutiny as an effective measure of judging student competency. It is also beneficial for long-term growth in securing jobs and advancing careers as the process contributes to the holistic development of students by enhancing their soft skills, critical thinking capacities, academic and career focus, and leadership. You can also refer to our blogs for greater insight into skill development and profile building.

3. What is the frequency of interactions between students and mentors for profile building?

Our team of counsellors meets with students once a week to track progress, assign activities, and update the growth trajectory for the coming months. We also meet with parents/ guardians regularly so that we can provide updates, accept feedback, and incorporate their perspectives and goals in the profile building process. All updates, progress, and feedback are communicated to students’ families through a personalized Whatsapp group.

4. What age is ideal to be enrolled in the Profile Building Program?

It is never too late or too early for individuals to start focusing on their profile – students with us start as early as the 8th standard and enrollments are common even for students who are in their early college years. Starting profile building early, however, allows us to work on activities and initiatives in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. This also allows students to devote the required time to academics during examinations. Starting to build your profile early is hence key to better academic and admissions outcomes. You can book an appointment now!

Study Abroad Applications

1. How do I decide which countries and universities to apply for?

This is a tricky choice for many since different countries vary in terms of degree length, admissions requirements, tuition and living expenses, and career opportunities. To choose the country that works best for you, you need to account for financial requirements and constraints, availability of desired coursework, and long-term goals in terms of settlement and career.

Our counselling and application processes guide you through these nuances and complexities to enable informed decision-making and facilitate a seamless process for applications and admissions.

2. How long before the deadline should I start preparing for foreign applications?

Planning admissions and completing applications can be an arduous process. It is best to prepare and plan for admissions a year before you actually start applying. Not only does this allow you to fine-tune your profile according to the requirements of the colleges that you are applying to, but it also gives you time to prepare for testing and other application requirements.

3. Do you provide VISA services as well?

Yes, our application support includes comprehensive Visa support, which eliminates the need for approaching other third parties and agents. The Centre for Career Development is a comprehensive one-stop solution to diverse study abroad application requirements.

4. Do you provide Scholarship assistance and other Post- Admission guidance?

Yes! We guide students through scholarship availability and help them apply for aid per their eligibility. Our students have secured admissions with attractive scholarships in top universities in Canada and the United States.

Our Post-Admission guidance consists of continued support to students that enable them to transition to a newer academic and cultural environment smoothly. We conduct sessions with counsellors and connect students to our global network of ex-students and partners that allows them to familiarise themselves with their college of choice even before they board their flights.

5. Do you guide students through SOP Writing and acquiring Letters of Recommendation?

Statements of Purpose and Letters of Recommendations are crucial parts of the application process. Not only do we advise students on writing SOPs we also work with them on essays by advising them on answers and suggesting edits to secure better outcomes.

Through our Profile Building process, we engage students in activities that allow them to earn prestigious letters of recommendation. In the application stage, we advise students on submitting LORs prudently and effectively and guide referees on the process of submission of letters.

6. Do you conduct mock interviews for VISA and admissions?

Yes, our diverse team of counsellors and consultants helps students ace different interviews through the admission and visa processes. Not only do we provide resources that enable students to prepare for these steps we also conduct mocks to ensure that students are ‘in the zone’ to impress any admissions committee.

7. Do you provide coaching for standardised tests and language proficiency exams?

While we do not provide coaching for standardised tests and language proficiency exams, we provide students with a variety of resources that enable them to prepare for these tests themselves, including mock tests and practice material. Moreover, we connect students with networks and resources including top-level tutors which are accessible through us at discounted rates. We also provide guidance to students on registering for these tests, and sending scores to universities in the most convenient and effective way possible.