Career Fair/ Career Meets/ International Fair

We are the only focused career organization  doing Career Fairs at schools aptly named as ‘Confluence’ or ‘ Fly-High’.  Our career fairs is specifically a focused event on career planning for the school/colleges which adds value to inculcatinga wholesome thinking outlook and the prospects of having a robust career.

Career Fairs a unique platform wherein the students of the host school not only get an opportunity to be a part of a number of simultaneous talks but also get to hear Mr. Jitin Chawla speak about choosing stream and career options & profile building.

Through our career fair, industry and higher academic institutions are able to interact with the schools and their students. Along with this, students are able to interact with counsellors & institutions for career clarity. Parents also become involved in the stream /career selection process.

Confluence/Fly-High, The Career Fair, has the following activities:

Workshops Conducted by experts

Stalls of different institutions

Career Walkthrough – An exposition on careers (Prospectuses & Charts)

Career Publications

Our published career book, Propel, covers broad aspects of popular and upcoming careers for the students. Similarly, we also publish a DU Booklet covering the courses and career prospects specifically for the University of Delhi.

Propel-A Career Book is a smart and compact compilation of important careers & focuses on providing handy information for career & planning & options in a compact format.

This book provides an opportunity to the students to look at the entire spectrum of offbeat careers as against conventional careers. Furthermore, the book also emphasises oninspiring students to be audacious and choose careers that fit their aptitude, personality & interests.

The career options mentioned in Propel are categorized into following avenues: Emerging Entrepreneurial opportunities, Emerging Science based, Commerce & Humanities careers and Offbeat careers.

Career Workshop

Career Workshop covers introduction to Career Planning, Effective Planning by understanding aptitude, personality, interests and abilities. Thereafter, about 25 career options are covered in five groups viz. People based, Creative, Business, Physical/Outdoor & Science based careers. It includes coverage of premier institutes, starting salaries & work environment.

We also conduct career workshops specifically for school students to make them understand about the wide plethora of career options available in all fields. We also focus on emerging careers along with off-beat career options. We have specific workshops as per target audience as well. From Science Safari to Commerce and Humanities based Careers, we cater to all educational streams.

Student Meets

A Students Meet essentially an inter-school career event where students of a particular class for instance Class XII from nearby schools are invited at the host school and a workshop is conducted.

Mr.Jitin Chawla speaks on stream and career choices and also conducts a Q and A session after the meet for clarification of doubts amongst students.

Student Meet is a unique concept as it enables students to understand about career choices at a personal level, especially in their own environment and at their own pace, that too, directly from Mr. Chawla.


Career Resource Centre

Counselling Centre

Leadership Camps

Workshop for Students/Teachers & Parents

Principals/Counsellors’ Meet

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