Dear students,

As we move towards a global world, I wonder as to why we Indians constraint our Higher Education to India only? Why do we aim for career prosperity but still settle for less? Why do we opt for narrower options when we have the wide sky to look out for? The answer to this is MYTH and MISCONCEPTION.

Higher Education from abroad is no longer a myth, restrained by financial aspects, as we have known from the last three decades. With a boom in globalization, the higher education systems across the globe have widened in scope, teaching methodology and follow a meta-course concept, making distinctive courses and degrees available to us. Most importantly, low-cost higher education from abroad exists, thereby, making your dreams of study abroad feasible without breaking the bank! From globally ranked universities to research and innovation, with a vast ocean of courses, the higher education system in most Western countries are far ahead than the Indian Higher Education System. While the top Indian Universities do not fall in the bracket of Top 500 Universities in the world, several countries have innumerable globally-recognized universities shining bright on the world map.

Moreover, some countries specialize in some courses too! For example, United Kingdom is suitable for students who want to pursue Fashion Management and Law. Similarly, United States is suitable for students who want to pursue Engineering or Management. Similarly, Germany is a comparatively cheaper option with equally good Engineering degrees, with almost no tuition fees and cheaper living costs. Canada has one of the best pharmaceutical degrees. Furthermore, Australia has the best hotel management degrees to offer. However, Switzerland is a cheaper option, with equally globally-renowned hotel management degrees!

So, dream a bit higher and aim for something bigger in life. Visualize yourself in the haven of world-renowned Universities with global opportunities available at your mercy. Do not hold yourself back and shine on in the global sky!

All the Best!

Jitin Chawla