Profile Building

We have established a unique and comprehensive method of developing student profiles which are in line with academic and professional interests and past activities. We work on research projects, curation of active and tangible social projects, skill training and technical development, among other things, which help school students demonstrate their interest in their intended majors and apply to universities across the globe.


We take pride in our holistic approach to the application process – we not only help you choose a country to apply to based on your choice of career, budget, expected return on investment, job opportunities and your profile; we also help you with the full application process. This includes selecting your major, planning your SAT/ ACT/ AP and IELTS tests and entrance exams, creating portfolios, helping you conduct research and develop a unique social project, and finally filling out the application form and writing your essays!

SAT and ACT Preparation

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) are the proverbial ‘gatekeepers’ to Undergraduate universities across the globe. These tests measure the ‘college readiness’ of students, which usually entails testing skills like critical thinking, arithmetic ability, literacy among others– that will be needed when in college and at the workplace. We offer SAT and ACT coaching services, aiming to ensure a holistic and wholesome study experience for the student. With the provision of personalised study strategies, mentors, & mock tests among other services; we support students from start to finish to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.