Profile Building is an essential component for study abroad aspirants. Not only to enrich your profile, but we also focus on overall personality development through various techniques in the form of workshops, internships, community services, research, reviews and counselling.

The prime aspects that we focus on are:

Study Effectiveness Workshop

In order to sustain a healthy studying environment, it is essential to make the most of what you study. Therefore, we organize Study Effectiveness Workshop on a regular basis.

Cultural Adaptation Workshop

Going to a new country can be an intimidating experience. Therefore, we organize Cultural Adaptation Workshops to make the idea of study abroad a hassle-free experience.

Social Work Opportunity

Social Work is highly regarded amongst the at renowned Non-Governmental Organisations such as SEWA, CRY, MAD, etc.

Financial Management Workshop

Financial Management is an important part while living abroad, hence, we primarily focus on inculcating the idea of financial management amongst our study abroad aspirants.

Writing Skills Workshop

Although writing is not given much preference in Indian Universities, yet, Writing Skills make up a huge part at all educational levels in foreign universities. We focus on writing Resumes, Articles, Reviews, Research Papers, SOPs and LORs, etc.

Research Opportunities across domains

To make a lasting impression with your application, research opportunities, as and however they may be applicable are provided for.

Summer Internships

Having a hands-on experience is a plus point when being considered for higher education in abroad.

International Competitions such as TYE, Google Science Fair, Intel Science Fair, etc

Summer and Winter Programs across the Globe

International Certification such as Red Cross

Leadership Programs

Enrichment Programs, especially in foreign countries