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Mr. Jitin Chawla

Picture this, a fresh MBA graduate from the esteemed Faculty of Management Studies, embarking on a promising career with leading companies like ICI and Hindustan Times. On paper, he had “made it.” Yet, something deeper stirred within him.

During his corporate years, Mr. Jitin couldn’t ignore the uncertainty he witnessed in many bright young students. They lacked clarity and a guiding hand in their career journeys, an experience he resonated with. His passion ignited during weekend workshops. Sharing knowledge, mentoring, and witnessing those ‘aha!’ moments of self-discovery among students – this felt like his purpose. It led to a transformational realization: his calling wasn’t the traditional corporate path; it was in paving the way for student success. Driven by this mission, Mr. Jitin took the courageous leap 19 years ago to establish the Centre for Career Development. It’s his commitment to ensuring every talented student receives the support they need to confidently navigate their future.

Mr. Jitin’s approach is rooted in empathy. He understands the anxieties of career decisions because he’s been there himself. Workshops, career fairs, and personalized counseling – these aren’t just services, they’re tools to empower students to discover their unique strengths and chart their own path. The Centre for Career Development’s impact speaks volumes: over 68890 workshops and 900+ career fairs conducted. Yet, for Mr. Jitin, the true measure of success lies in transforming uncertainty into clarity, fear into excitement, in the lives of countless students.

So, yes, he’s an expert career counselor, but more importantly, Mr. Jitin is a testament to the power of following your passion and using your experience to uplift others. His story is a reminder that your future isn’t just about a job title, it’s about finding your place to shine.

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