Application Processing

Our team of counsellors are proficient & up to the minute regarding all the changes and developments in application processes of various universities. This enables them to provide step by step guidance to students during the application process which can otherwise be overwhelming to most.

Setting up the dates of forms, check list of requirements for all shortlisted universities. We provide application support for universities/colleges, summer schools & high schools

Short listing the University

Online Application

Document Submission

Standardized score submission

Conditional Offer letter acceptance

Final Offer letter Acceptance

Apply for Visa

The student will be sent the list of college/universities on the basis of the profile and the needs of the student.

After the student’s approval regarding the university/colleges, the application team will begin its process.

The student will be given a list of documents to be arranged (Given below 1). The student will be required to arrange the Letter of Recommendation, transcripts and other documents from his/her current institution.

The student will be prepared for his/her college interview by Center for Career Development.

The student will be required to meet the assigned Study Abroad consultant after the enrollment, to discuss further on the universities and their requirement.

The student will be required to write his/her Statement of Purpose, but the document will be tailored from our end.

Centre for Career Development will apply to five universities per country, based on the application plan the client undertakes*.

Centre for Career Development does not deal with visa processing.

Applications to all the other countries will be charged at INR 92,000 (Application to 5 colleges in one country) *University application fee will be over and above our charges.

Two passport size photographs.

Ten attested (by the principal of the school) copies of Class IXth and Xth Mark sheet and pass certificate (sealed in school envelope and cross signed by the principal).

Ten attested copies of Class XI and Class XII mid year/Preboard mark sheet (sealed in school envelope and cross signed by the principal)

Ten attested copies of Class XIIth final mark sheet and pass certificate (when it becomes available in June of passing year )

Ten attested (by the principal of the school) copies of Class XIIth Predicted Marksheet (sealed in school envelope and cross signed by the principal)

Ten copies of Affidavit of Support from sponsor on Rs.10/- stamp paper, duly notarized with a “VALID OUTSIDE INDIA” stamp

Ten original copies of Bank Certification on the Bank’s letterhead, from the sponsor’s bank (format given by Council for American Education).

Ten original copies of THREE academic letters of recommendation. Each copy should be individually sealed in the school envelope with the signature of the recommender across the flap of the envelope. Out of the three recommendation letters, ONE has to be from the school counselor/principal. THE RECOMMENDERS MAY HAVE TO FILL UP ONLINE RECOMMENDATION LETTERS FOR UNIVERSITIES THAT WILL USE COMMON APPLICATION FORM.

Ten attested copies of each extra-curricular/community service certificates.

Ten Photocopies SAT-I & TOEFL scores.

Get official TOEFL, AND SAT I scores reported to the universities to which we are applying on your behalf.

An essay on career objectives, why you want to study in the United States; your hobbies and interests;

Response to individual essay questions of the universities where your applications are being sent.

Ten copies of School Profile.

Application fee drafts for all the universities. Now a days, most universities require submission of online applications and application fees. In such a case, the application fee will be charged to the student’s parents credit card.

Courier charges @ Rs.1000 -2500 plus per packet.

Ten copies of the first two pages and the last page of the passport.

Activities Resume.