Application Processing

Our team of counsellors are proficient & up to the minute regarding all the changes and developments in application processes of various universities. This enables them to provide step by step guidance to students during the application process which can otherwise be overwhelming to most.

Setting up the dates of forms, check list of requirements for all shortlisted universities. We provide application support for universities/colleges, summer schools & high schools

Short listing the University

Online Application

Document Submission

Standardized score submission

Conditional Offer letter acceptance

Final Offer letter Acceptance

Apply for Visa

The student will be sent the list of college/universities on the basis of the profile and the needs of the student.

After the student’s approval regarding the university/colleges, the application team will begin its process.

The student will be given a list of documents to be arranged (Given below 1). The student will be required to arrange the Letter of Recommendation, transcripts and other documents from his/her current institution.

The student will be prepared for his/her college interview by Center for Career Development.

The student will be required to meet the assigned Study Abroad consultant after the enrollment, to discuss further on the universities and their requirement.

The student will be required to write his/her Statement of Purpose, but the document will be tailored from our end.

Centre for Career Development will apply to five universities per country, based on the application plan the client undertakes*.

Centre for Career Development does not deal with visa processing.

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