Our Work


Our Work


At the Centre for Career Development, we believe in curating unique profiles for each student, in ways that are effective and accurate based on their skills and interests. We help children in holistic ways, beginning with school stream selection, exposure to different career options, gaining practical experience, and finally, developing a streamlined profile to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

Student engagement

‘Confluence’ or ‘ Fly-High’ is our annual career fair which is a platform to bring students from various schools and colleges together to discuss the career planning process, attend career workshops and learn from senior industry stalwarts, who are invited to speak about emerging options and on ground experiences. 

We also regularly conduct career workshops and webinars in schools and colleges across the world to answer crucial questions about career development and application processes. 


Propel, our compact career handbook, developed in house provides handy information about conventional and unconventional careers. It is really a tool to help you understand what a career really means, and how it is practiced in the real world. It busts myths and provides an in-depth understanding of the world as it is in practice and theory both!